FINANCING players assistants*

(Free part in the tournament)

The organizer of the tournament split between the teams entered, ballot stubs for a raffle with the aim that each player can auto finance his participation in the tournament

* Valid only for external devices

When the team is officially registered, they will receive 100 tokens for each child participating in the tournament. The participant is responsible for the distribution, management and profit produced from the sale of the tokens. Each token has a value of 2 € . Therefore each child will be able to obtain up to 200 € in auto finance for his/her trip to the tournament.

magic-delivery-ft (1)

The tournament organizers will send all raffle tickets to the club and the club itself will be responsible for distribution to participants of the club in the tournament. The organization is not responsible for any errors in the distribution of raffle tickets by the clubs .

The holder of the ticket whose number matches the first prize of the National Lottery draw July 11 , 2020 will be graced with an iPad Air 2 or prize value .